Building Science and Technology cooperation activities between VISTIP and LATOI Australia

Wednesday, 19/02/2020 19:15 GMT+7
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On February 17, 2020, in Hanoi - Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP), Ministry of Science and Technology has welcomed the LATOI GROUP's delegation from Australia (LATOI). The Deputy Director of VISTIP - Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop – has received the delegation.

The two sides discussed the cooperation of applying advanced technologies (Artificial Intelligence - AI, and Blockchain technology - Blockchain) to the daily life.

VISTIP introduced the Science and Technology research and development of Vietnam, as well as the roles, functions and tasks of VISTIP. Mrs.Bui Thi Huy Hop emphasized the strengths and priorities of the center in collaboration with enterprises who have technology background and experiences in deploying AI and blockchain in management and development of  supply chains, especially in the agriculture in order to improve the efficiency of agricultural production in Vietnam, increase the competitiveness of domestic products when participating in the global supply chains. At the same time, VISTIP also shared the issue of digital transformation, AI and blockchain application in management of organizations / enterprses, especially Vietnamese small and medium enterprises.

On the LATOI side, Mr. Anton Catalin - LATOI's representative in Vietnam, besides updating on the situation and outstanding activities of LATOI in some countries, introduced some new technological solutions of LATOI, according to him, will be very helpful for the development of Vietnam's economy.

At the meeting, VISTIP shared information about the innovative cooperation program signed between Vietnam and Australia called Aus4Innovation and the two sides opened and actively discussed specific cooperation activities to be implemented in order to together propose a research and development task within the framework of Aus4Innovation.

Two sides discussed openly and actively about specific cooperation activities (Photo by VISTIP)


Also at the meeting, Mr. Do Van Duc - Chairman of LATOI expressed his thanks to VISTIP for supporting BOM Software, a member of LATOI in Vietnam in connecting with appropriate domestic and international research and development organizations to carry out a pilot project on AI application in agriculture in Vietnam. He expected that VISTIP would continue to pay attention and support to this pilot project to achieve the expected results and scal up this in Vietnam. Through VISTIP, LATOI wishes to establish specific cooperation, in accordance with the priority orientations of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

With the spirit of cooperation for being well developed together and contributing to the society’s sustainable development, the two sides agreed that in the coming time, they will pay close attention to strengthen the relationship through more specific cooperation activities./.

Two sides took souvenir photos  (Photoby VISTIP)

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